Environment & Sustainability

TFG helps our clients create, fund, and implement sustainable community and green technology projects that are delivering local and regional results. Known for representing innovative clients and for shaping federal investments and policy in sustainability, TFG is ready to help local governments, green technology companies, and non-profit organizations get support from Congress, federal agencies, and other key partners for their green initiatives. TFG provides strategic counsel, government affairs, funding advocacy, coalition management, project consulting, and partnership-building.

Client Successes

  • Sacramento County, CA

    TFG worked with Sacramento County, CA, to secure over $10 million from the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct water quality testing and develop a watershed stakeholder program that will ensure the proper focus on pollutants in the Sacramento River watershed.  This program has already resulted in significant cost-savings in revised control strategies based on more accurate information about priority pollutants in the watershed.

  • Loudoun County, VA

    TFG provided technical comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on a draft Remedial Investigation report and provided strategic advice to Loudoun County on how to advocate on behalf of households impacted by the TCE contamination from the Hidden Lane Landfill Federal Superfund site.  TFG has continued the dialogue with the EPA to expedite the process of responding to this public health concern.  

  • Settler's Crossing, MD

    TFG staff prepared an Expert Witness report and testified in Federal District Court for the prospective purchaser of land in Prince Georges County, MD that had large quantities of sewage sludge deposited in the 1970’s. The prospective purchaser is in a lawsuit with the site owner over metals contamination detected on the site. TFG staff reviewed all the soil and groundwater analytical data collected at the site and offered opinion on whether the site is contaminated with controlled hazardous substances that would result in an unacceptable risk to either human health or the environment.