Public Safety

The Ferguson Group's understanding of criminal justice issues and success record is unparalleled in the industry. The breadth and depth of our experience in working with local justice and public safety agencies allows us to help our clients form strategic partnerships with federal policy makers to best leverage cutting-edge work being done at the local level. From police departments to sheriff’s offices to emergency management agencies to fire departments, we understand how to connect with federal agencies and Members of Congress with oversight over justice and public safety issues in ways that produce the results our clients seek. TFG has been very aggressive in helping our clients pursue the resources they need to meet current and future criminal justice needs. 

Client Successes

  • Loudoun County, VA

    In 2018, Loudoun County, VA is the recipient of a $1,486,000 grant award through FEMA’s FY2017 Assistance to Firefighter Grant Program. The grant will cover both personnel costs and the contracting costs associated with hosting workshops that addresses physical fitness, nutrition, behavioral health/stress management, mental performance, injury prevention, and sleep management, each taught by experts in their field. Grant will also cover individual movement screenings. TFG provided feedback and edits to the County’s application and drafted Congressional support letters.

  • City of Woodland, CA 

    The City of Woodland Police Department received a $375,000 award from the Community Oriented Policing Services Hiring Program after unsuccessfully applying for the program twice. With the strategic planning and grant review services offered by TFG, the Department successfully secured grant funds to hire three new patrol officers. These officers will be assigned to the Patrol Division during times of peak calls to better serve the community.

  • High Point, NC

    The High Point Police Department (HPPD) instituted a unique policing method called "focused deterrence" that engages repeat violent offenders and offers them an opportunity and assistance to make certain lifestyle/behavioral changes or face long-term incarceration. The "High Point Model" has won many prestigious awards and has been referred to in the President's Department of Justice (DOJ) budget as a national model of policing. TFG worked with HPPD to apply focused deterrence to domestic violence offenders and has helped facilitate a dialogue between HPPD and DOJ's Office of Violence Against Women.