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DOT awards nearly $1.5 billion in BUILD Transportation Grants

Posted @ Tuesday, December 11, 2018    By Heidi Schott
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U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced the full list of recipients of $1.475 billion in fiscal year 2018 funding for 91 individual grants under the Department’s BUILD surface transportation grant program (formerly known as TIGER grants).

Similar to previous rounds, demand for BUILD grants far exceeded the available $1.5 billion. This year, DOT received 851 eligible applications, requesting more than $10.9 billion in funding.

A closer look at the selected awardees:

  • The average 2018 grant size is $16.2 million and the median grant size is $19.4 million... keep in mind the maximum award was capped at $25 million.

  • The top five states to receive the most funding were: Texas (7.1%), California (4.9%), Missouri (4.4%), North Carolina (4.1%), and Kentucky (4%).  The maximum amount that States could receive was 10% of total funds ($150 million).
  • Despite having the opportunity to allocate $15 million of the total $1.5 billion towards planning projects, the Administration choose not to make any planning-only grants awards.

  • Rural projects remained a priority for the Administration, with 69% of the grant funding going towards projects located in rural areas.

  • Road and bridge projects continue to receive the most funding of modal types. Road and bridge projects received over $1 billion (69.4%) of total funding, mass transit projects received approximately $141 million (9.5%), port/maritime projects received about $146 million (9.9%), and rail projects got close to $165 million (11.2%) of the total funding.

This was the tenth annual round of grants under this program, which came into existence in the fiscal 2009 ARRA stimulus act. A total of almost $7 billion in funding has been distributed to date.

Learn more about the FY2018 BUILD awardees here.

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