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TFG Experts Compile Special Report on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

TFG outlined programs included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act critical to its clients in an exclusive Special Report.

TFG Experts Compile Special Report on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

WASHINGTON, D.C.—This week, longtime infrastructure and federal funding experts at The Ferguson Group (TFG), compiled an extensive Special Report on the 2,739 page Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act recently passed by the United States Senate. Importantly, TFG staff members with expertise across all portfolios teamed up to highlight and interpret provisions of particular importance to clients. Clients will also receive timely updates on subsequent negotiations and actions in the U.S. House on the bill and future infrastructure and budget initiatives relevant to their priority projects.

“Our clients need every resource at their disposal to help their communities,” said Jennifer Imo, Managing Partner of Client Services. “But it’s incredibly difficult to filter and interpret the latest federal legislation, emergency funding, and budget provisions to target the right programs—that’s where we come in. Our Special Report distills down the massive Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to highlight the federal provisions our clients can advocate for and benefit from quickly.”

“I was pleased to work with my colleagues across issue areas to put together a comprehensive guide to the infrastructure package for our clients,” said Zachary Israel, Principal and Manager of Legislative Affairs. “If passed, this bill could be a real game-changer for our clients. We are also closely monitoring subsequent House actions on the Senate-passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, FY 2022 Community Project Funding (or “earmarks”), and the potential $3.5 trillion reconciliation package.”

Without a Congressional section-by-section summary currently available, the Special Report provides clients a needed breakdown of the 5-year surface transportation reauthorization bill and additional $550 billion in emergency infrastructure spending included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.






The TFG Special Report on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act summarizes and interprets relevant provisions such as:

  • Surface Transportation;
  • Surface Transportation Investment Act of 2021;
  • Transit;
  • Energy;
  • Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure;
  • Broadband;
  • Revenue Provisions;
  • Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Appropriations Act; and
  • Next Steps.

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