Coronavirus Response


CARES Act - Senate Passed Final Text March 26, 2020
Senate Appropriations Committee Republicans' Summary of Emergency Appropriations Section of CARES Act March 25, 2020
Senate Appropriations Committee Democrats' Summary of Emergency Appropriations of CARES Act March 25, 2020
Senate Republicans' Summary of Division A of the CARES Act March 25, 2020
Senate Small Business Committee Republicans' Summary of Title I of the CARES Act ("Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act") March 25, 2020
Bill Summary from Republican Policy Committe March 25, 2020
Senate Democrats' Summary of the CARES Act March 25, 2020
S. 3548 The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act March 25, 2020
Thompson, DeFazio, Payne, Titus Urge Trump to Eliminate Cost Share for States Under Coronavirus Disaster Declarations March 25, 2020
Pelosi Statement Ahead of Unveiling of Democrats' Third Coronavirus Response Bill March 23, 2020
Committee Democrats Roll Out Legislation to Provide Comprehensive Stimulus and Public Policy Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic March 23, 2020
Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act One-Page Summary March 23, 2020
Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act - Section-by-Section Summary March 23, 2020
Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act - HR 6379 Bill Text March 23, 2020
House Democrats Introduce Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act March 23, 2020
Summary of the CARES Bill March 22, 2020
Public Law 116-127 - Families First Coronavirus Response Act March 19, 2020
House Finance Chair Maxine Waters Proposal to Help the Economy During the COVID-19 Crisis March 18, 2020
House Passed H.R. 6201 Bill Text March 18, 2020
Summary of Paid Leave Provisions in Second Coronavirus Response Measure March 18, 2020
Families First Coronavirus Response Act Emergency Paid Sick Leave March 17, 2020
Families First Coronavirus Response Act Title-by-Title Summary March 16, 2020
Senate Democratic Leader Schumer (D-NY) Proposed $750 Million Response Plan March 16, 2020


Department of Labor: Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Questions and Answers March 26, 2020
White House Letter to American Governors March 26, 2020
CDC Update - Cases in the U.S. March 25, 2020
C-SPAN VIDEO March 25 WH Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing March 25, 2020
Remarks by President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force March 24, 2020
FEMA Coronavirus Pandemic: Public Assistance Simplified Application March 23, 2020
OMB Memo Managing Federal Contract Performance Issues Associated with the Novel Coronavirus March 20, 2020
President Trump Approves New York Disaster Declaration March 20, 2020
FEMA Coronavirus Pandemic Eligible Emergency Protective Measures March 19, 2020
OMB Memo Administrative Relief for Recipients and Applicants of Federal Financial Assistance Directly Impacted by the Novel Coronavirus March 19, 2020
CDC March 23 Webinar - Coronavirus Update for Rural Stakeholders March 18, 2020
Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham on Operational Updates March 18, 2020
White House Proposes a $1T Coronavirus Relief and Stimulus Plan March 18, 2020
OMB Requests Additional Funding for Coronavirus Response March 18, 2020
What the FCC is Doing During the Coronavirus March 18, 2020
White House Announces Medicare Telehealth Coverage March 18, 2020
White House Task Force Coronavirus Guidelines March 18, 2020
OMB Memo Federal Agency Operational Alignment to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus March 17, 2020
Coronavirus Guidelines for America March 17, 2020
CDC Interim Guidance for Coronavirus Disease March 16, 2020
FEMA State Disaster Declarations March 16, 2020
White House Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency March 16, 2020
Census Bureau Statement on Modifying 2020 Census Operations March 16, 2020

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News and Information

Trump Uses Defense Production Act to Require GM to Make Ventilators March 27, 2020
NYT FAQ on Stimulus Checks, Unemployment, and the Coronavirus Bill March 26, 2020
Real ID Deadlines Delayed One Year Amid Coronavirus Pandemic March 26, 2020
Developing: What’s in the Coronavirus Stimulus Package March 25, 2020
Speaker Pelosi says House will Review Senate Coronavirus Stimulus Package March 25, 2020
Schumer: Government Will Pay Four Months of Full Salary for Furloughed Workers in Stimulus Proposal March 24, 2020
FEMA Chief Says Defense Production Act Will Be Used for Coronavirus Test Kits March 24, 2020
Federal Reserve Press Release - Support for Municipal Bonds March 23, 2020
Democrats Seek to Increase Supplemental Funding Bill to $450 Billion March 22, 2020
Democrats Asked for $750B in State Stabilization Funds in Coronavirus Stimulus March 21, 2020
New York Region Governors Ask Feds for $100B in Federal Grants March 20, 2020
Senators Urge Congress to Include Election Funds in Coronavirus Stimulus March 20, 2020
McConnell Sets Friday Night Deadline for Bipartisan Deal on Stimulus March 20, 2020
Treasury Delays Tax Filing Deadline to July 15 March 20, 2020
US Announces Travel Restrictions with Mexico Citing Coronavirus March 20, 2020
McConnell to Tee Up Third Coronavirus Deal Friday March 20, 2020
Coronavirus Response Suffers When Local Government is Starved March 20, 2020
White House Relaxes Rules on Federal Grant Programs Due to Virus March 19, 2020
Rural Health - Rural Response to the Coronavirus Disease March 18, 2020
CRS Report COVID-19 and Stimulus Payments to Individuals March 18, 2020
15 Things to Know Today About Coronavirus March 18, 2020
Schools can get direct connectivity help from carriers after new FCC Ruling March 18, 2020
Politico Coverage of a Potential Third Coronavius Response Bill March 18, 2020

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