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TFG Brings on New Associate, Ann Durand

Previously a TFG intern, Ann brings substantial research experience at the state, local, and federal levels.

TFG Brings on New Associate, Ann Durand

MOBILE, Ala. – TFG is pleased to welcome Ann Durand as an Associate. Ann was hired full-time after her stellar performance as a 2023 Summer Intern at the firm. As an Associate, Ann will conduct research and provide support for clients’ federal legislative and advocacy efforts.

"We’re so excited to bring Ann on to work with us full time! Ann’s dedication to advancing public policy at all levels of government aligns perfectly with TFG’s mission. With her impressive track record of collaborating with organizations like the National League of Cities and her scholarly achievements, Ann is an excellent addition to our team,” said Jennifer Imo, Managing Partner of Client Services.

"I’ve enjoyed my time at TFG so far and am excited to pursue my passion for researching and implementing impactful public policy full time! I look forward to contributing to the firm’s goals to build stronger, more vibrant communities," said Ann.

Ann has extensive experience conducting and analyzing research. Throughout her educational and professional career, her research has focused on developing and implementing public policy at the state and local government levels. For example, she has experience tracking and compiling COVID-19 data with organizations such as the National League of Cities to further the understanding of the interactions between levels of government in the legislative process.

Before joining TFG, Ann worked as a professor at The University of Alabama while obtaining her Master's in Public Policy and Administration. Since 2017, Ann has served on the Board of Directors for a community bank in Georgia, where she oversees day-to-day business operations and strategic direction of the institution. In 2023, she was elected to the position of Board Secretary, tasked with keeping corporate records and ensuring regulatory compliance.


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